Monday, June 5, 2017

Square Dance Fashions

Just finished an easy spiral type skirt.  
The trim does all the work in this Ruffle Skirt!

New Jersey NJ State Square Dance Outfit 

Square Dance Fashions - Reeler Raid held so much Inspiration

Recently we raided Reelers Square Dance Club and found a wonderful amount of inspiration for new skirts!

Love the peek-a-boo layers of lace

Gorgeous tradition spiral!
Pretty patchwork in Fuschia

Cheery lovely lady in a cheery lovely skirt

Bright & colorful patchwork

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Life is a series of Phases!

Life for me has been a series of Phases. Whether good or bad, there is always a beginning to the Phase and end.

Just when we thought we had everything figured out, life throws us a curve ball and we're off on a new or different path. Sometimes we have one path to follow but many times we have several paths that we are following.

Once again I find myself following a new path. I'm still walking my Wearable Fiber Art & Quilting path but as the next phase of my life unfolds, I find that dancewear, especially Square Dance & Rock-a-billy fashions are becoming more & more exciting to create.

I hope you join me on my next path of adventure!

Lacey J. Hill 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

One for Me...One for You!

I just wanted to thank Colleen Nunes and the wonderful group of Ladies at Quilters Crossing for donating their time and fabric to make pants for the Rockland Family Shelter in New City, NY! The afternoon went by so quickly and then I headed home to finish a large-scale fabric quilt.

I've been working on compilation of designs with Nancy Dill owner of
Due to come out for Spring Market.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Care Filled Stitches"

I've been a bit side tracked with my jackets and Wearables lately working on a project with Nancy Dill the owner of - more about that on the next post!

So today I'm taking a break and I'm off to Quilters Crossing in West Nyack NY for a "Care Filled Stitching Day" to give a free workshop on my Lounge Lizard Pants to benefit the Rockland Family Shelter in New City NY.

You'll get a free pattern and workshop on how to make the pants as long as you make one pair to donate to the Shelter!

If you have the time please stop by for a very worthy cause!

See you there!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Basics:

I’m a self professed fabric-aholic! My general style of clothing is fairly simple except I love a really great jacket and wonderful accessories. We’re a creative & eclectic blend in my family. Trying to find the right style in the right size can be a challenge. That’s how the basic design for Golden Thyme Design patterns evolved.

Golden Thyme Design patterns were designed to introduce Quilters to Wearable Art with a very basic design and a small taste of garment alteration. The patterns are based upon the rectangle which is familiar to Quilters and they are constructed with a rotary cutter and 1/4" seam allowances. The foundation is muslin or flannel rather than batting which allows for a soft drape and a lighter weight garment.

Each piece of the design can be a different mini quilt or coordinated to blend. That's the beauty of looking at Wearables as quilts. Start with a basic design and then add the latest technique you've just learned! Now you have a unique design!